There is a plethora of locksmith technologies available in the market today that promises to deliver world-class keyless entry and home automation solutions. It is indeed important to keep abreast of the latest technologies used by locksmiths in order to ensure that your home and personal belongings are safe and secure. As time goes by, technological advancements have allowed locksmiths to not only improve on their existing services but also to offer completely new capabilities in terms of keyless entry and keyless lock systems. The latest technologies allow for convenience, ease, reliability, and ease of use – three important factors that make for a good home security system. But how do you know which technology is the best for your needs? Here is a quick rundown of some of the latest locksmith technologies:

Latest Locksmith Technologies


Keyless Entry System – One of the latest locksmith technologies, keyless entry systems allow homeowners to open their homes and cars with a fingerprint. This is convenient for both individuals and companies, because instead of using keys, homeowners can now use biometrics to gain access to their property. Keyless entry systems can be used to control access to business properties as well. These advanced locking mechanisms require the use of specialized transponders or RFID readers. To ensure that your property is protected, ask for quotes from your chosen locksmith company and compare features and costs between competing brands and systems.


Electronic Locksmith Identification (ELI) System – Another one of the latest locksmith technologies, ELLI allows for easy key duplication and to provide unlimited access to various locks. This is achieved through the use of cellular data or radio frequency identification (RFID). ELLI requires two-way communication between the locksmith and the client. You will need to inquire about the cost involved in installing the system when choosing a locksmith company to assist you with your emergency locksmith needs.


Electronic Pop-A-Lock – In addition to providing homeowners with the convenience of multiple keys stored in a single place, the electronic pop-a-lock system provides ease in the application of those keys. For example, when you are locked out of your car, you don’t have to fumble around in your pockets looking for the right keys. Using the latest locksmith technologies, the electronic pop-a-lock device can pop up an option to open the door automatically upon being pressed.


Mobile Locksmith Vehicles – The advent of mobile locksmith vehicles has made customer service and safety much easier for clients. Many people today choose to use their personal vehicle to provide residential, business, or automotive services. If you’re unable to get to a locksmith on the road, there are several mobile locksmith vehicles on the market that can come to your aid whenever you need them an automotove locksmith. In addition, many are equipped with key capture systems so customers can provide their security information at any time, which can be accessed by the locksmith. Today’s locksmiths recognize the importance of customer service, and they offer mobile locksmith vehicles so that you can receive professional service when you need it most.


Electronic Keysmith Identification – Along with the introduction of more efficient and user-friendly locks, the electronic keysmith identification system is changing the way people look for locksmith services. Rather than relying on the traditional paper keys that can be easily lost or misplaced, customers can use the electronic system to provide them with the security they need. By providing the user with a secure electronic key, the client is assured that their keys are safe with the company, and it makes for a much safer transaction when trying to acquire the services of a local locksmith. The system ensures that only licensed keys are used to provide customers with the security they need, and provides ease of identification when it comes to returning keys and ownership. These are just a few of the ways that modern technology is making the job of a locksmith much easier.

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