Types of Locksmiths

Types of Locksmiths

There are several different types of Locksmiths from whom you can choose to have your business run. The most common type is the residential locksmith which is found at home. Most people have a spare set of keys and they usually keep these in one location such as a car or other locked container. Most locksmiths work from a small office that is set aside for the purpose of doing business. Most of them are independent contractors.


Commercial Locksmith is the name used for those Locksmiths who are licensed by the government to perform certain services. If you need a new set of keys made, a residential locksmith can make the new set for you, but they cannot give you any guarantees or warranties on their work. Commercial Locksmiths on the other hand can give you a guarantee on their work. They are able to provide a tracking number for a service call so you know when your new set of keys came. The tracking number can be called, the person will come out right away to see if the new set was delivered and if it was, they will usually charge you for the shipping.


Residential Locksmiths operate in your home or in a business that utilizes locks such as commercial locks. Most times these types of locks need to be changed or updated due to the ever changing technology within the industry. A residential locksmith can also install any new type of locks on your home for you. With the proper authorization and tools, a residential locksmith is able to change the combination’s on your vehicle, apartment, condo units and other buildings you may have.


Commercial Locksmiths can be further classified as a variety of professionals that assist large companies and corporations that require an increased level of security for their business properties. Locksmiths are responsible for many tasks that include the installation of new locks and security systems, repair and replacement of existing locks, and access control. It is common for large businesses to hire a commercial locksmith for the purpose of securing and maintaining the company’s valuable assets. These professionals can also install any type of security systems that are necessary for protecting the business from unwanted intruders that cause damage to the property.


A small town locksmith is typically known for providing assistance with the installation or repairing of residential locks or automotive locks. Many times a residential locksmith will be hired by a parent or a landlord to help them install a new keyless lock system for the home or apartment they are renting. In many instances, an auto locksmith is called upon to assist when a previous homeowner has accidentally locked their car out of the garage.


A residential locksmith provides several different services. Many times, these individuals will provide key duplication for residences or commercial spaces that have deadbolt locks. They may also be called upon to help customers who have lost keys. An automotive locksmith provides services that range from installing ignition or doors locks to emergency unlocking car keys.


The best locksmith services are typically those that have been licensed and trained by the local government. This is especially true in places such as California, where there are a plethora of regulations regarding locksmiths. A licensed locksmith is often able to provide the best types of emergency locksmith services and has likely gone through specific training in how to deal with emergencies. Some locations have a list of certified locksmiths from which customers can choose.


In some cases, a residential locksmith may not be the most appropriate option for helping with an emergency lockout situation. Institutional locksmiths are often called upon to render help during crimes that occur on school or business properties. Institutional locksmiths must also have specialized training that takes into account the kinds of lockouts that take place in these types of establishments. Some of the most common problems that an institution locksmith may be called upon to solve include unauthorized entries, repairs to deadbolt locks, securing of buildings after disasters, and so forth.

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